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At Odécia, we offer several versions of our technical briefs. Depending on the version that you select, the topics covered are more or less exhaustive.

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How did we create the technical brief for cleaning?

authorities, public establishments (hospitals, schools, universities, etc.) and social organizations (HLM offices).

We have been working with a cleaning company for several years helping them respond to its call for tenders. We therefore have enough experience to know precisely the technical criteria on which you will be evaluated:

  • Human and technical resources assigned to the services;

  • Organization implemented for the execution of cleaning services;

  • Compliance with hygiene, safety and health regulations;

  • Products used for the cleaning services;

  • Quality control implemented (qualitative cleaning process, alert and correction system, training of agents, etc.);

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR);

Our past responses to cleaning calls for tenders has allowed us to know precisely the expectations of public procurers in this area!

This is why we have created the technical brief for cleaning. We have received excellent grades on the technical part.

The personalization of this document will allow you to meet the technical evaluation criteria in an optimal way and will help you get your public market contracts!

Which public procurement market can you respond to with your technical brief for cleaning?

You can respond to all public call for tenders in the field of cleaning concerning, for example, the following services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Cleaning services for premises, offices and windows in municipal and inter-municipal buildings;

  • Cleaning and disinfection of schools;

  • Cleaning, maintenance and restoration of occupied buildings, common and individual areas;

Before responding to a cleaning public procurement contract, your objective is to understand the expectations of the contracting authority (public procurer) to personalize the technical brief model for cleaning.

Can you modify the information in your technical brief for cleaning?

The document has been made on Microsoft office Word (.doc). It is sent to you in this format when you download it.

Thus, you can be sure that you can modify 100% of the information in the technical brief for cleaning.

What are the differences between the Premium version and the Gold version of your technical brief for cleaning?

The form, design and the possibility to personalize 100% of the information present in the technical brief for cleaning is the same in both versions.

However, depending on the formula selected, the topics addressed are very varied.

The gold version addresses more topics than the premium version. For the technical brief for cleaning, it details, for example, the entire quality control (process, alert system, integration and training of maintenance agents) as well as certain CSR aspects related to social or economic issues.

This is the version you should get if you are responding to multiple calls for tenders.

If you already have a quality procedure and a CSR policy, then you should choose the premium version. Otherwise, we recommend the gold version to win your public market contract.

Who wrote the technical brief for cleaning?

Three people were involved in the creation of our model. A former public procurer wrote the generality of the technical brief. A service provider specialized in cleaning then completed the document by inserting more technical aspects (standard organization of services, quality control, training of human resources, personnel transfer with regard to the collective agreement, etc).

Finally, the document was formatted by our graphic designer.

Our daily job consists in responding to calls for tenders on behalf of companies. We have had hundreds of positive responses to our call for tenders. These documents are the reflection of our expertise. This is why we are convinced that our technical brief for cleaning will help you win your call for tenders.

What are our tips to respond to a public market contract for cleaning?

Cleaning services are commonplace in the public sector: administrative offices, schools, dining rooms, common areas, etc. The services must be adapted to the type of premises (risks, surfaces to be cleaned, target audience, etc.) and to the organization of the public procurer.

Even if the price represents a major point, it is necessary to know very well the expectations of the public procurer, by visiting the place, in order to propose an adapted organization of the work and qualitative services.

In addition, and in view of the number of calls for tenders in the field of cleaning, we advise you to adapt accordingly this technical brief model, in particular the parts which are not required to change regularly: health and safety policy, quality control, corporate social responsibility.

This is how you will minimize the time you will spend in each public contract while increasing the efficiency of your offers.

Once this has been done, take the time to read the consultation rules: do you have the time to respond to the public market? Are the assessment criteria appropriate for your cleaning business? Are the prices too high?

Then go through the specific technical clauses (CCTP) to make sure that you will be able to carry out all the work requested.

After that, analyze the financial documents (BPU, QDE, DPGF etc). Are your prices consistent with the prices being asked? Do you notice any inconsistencies? If that is the case, consider asking questions! Give prices that are consistent with the needs of the client: reduce some margins, increase others!

Finally, start writing your technical brief for cleaning. Take our model and personalize it according to the specifics of your business and the client’s evaluation criteria. They can be found in the consultation rules (RC).

Do not forget also to make sure to have an electronic signature certification in case it is requested by the public procurer (see consultation rules).