Technical brief communication

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At Odécia, we offer several versions of our technical briefs. Depending on the version that you select, the topics covered are more or less exhaustive.

Start by choosing the formula that suits you the best and download your technical brief for digital communication (creation of a website):

  • Description
  • Caractéristique

Can you modify the information in your technical brief for digital communication?

The document has been made on Microsoft office Word (.doc). It is sent to you in this format when you download it.

Thus, you can be sure that you can modify 100% of the information in the technical brief for communication (website).

What are the differences between the premium version and the Gold version of your technical brief for communication?

Depending on the formula selected, the topics addressed will be more or less approached in-depth.

The degree of detail to which the topics are approached can be seen in the description of our product. For example, the Gold version will be the only one to address certain very specific subjects such as:

• The summary of the responses to the evaluation criteria,
• Description of the needs of the public/ private procurer,
• The organization of human resources and the single point of contact,
• The functionalities implemented on the website,
• IT data security,
• CSR: Corporate social responsibility
• CSR: Economics of corporate social responsibility,
• Mesures COVID 19.

For more information regarding the differences between the Gold version and the Premium version, do not hesitate to contact us.

Which public procurement contracts can you respond to with your technical brief for digital communication?

This technical brief is intended for communication agencies that provide digital services.

Thanks to our technical brief for communication (website) you will be able to answer all the call for tenders for services related to internet sites.

  • Website creation or redesign,

  • Website referencing, SEO,

These trainings can concern all types of public establishments (hospitals, local authorities, urban communities, CNFPT, state operator, ministry, department, region, etc.) as well as private companies.

With this technical brief, you can train all kinds of public and private companies employees.

Who wrote the technical brief for digital communication?

Three people were involved in the creation of our model. A former public procurer wrote the generality of the technical brief. A digital expert then completed the document by inserting technical aspects related to the field.

Finally, the document was formatted by our graphic designer.

Our daily job consists in responding to calls for tenders on behalf of companies. We have had more than 1000 positive responses! This is why we are convinced that our technical brief on digital communication will help you win your call for tenders.

How did we create the technical brief for digital communication?

Each communication agency has its own processes. Moreover, not all of them work with the same tools. Therefore, we made some basic assumptions. Example: our technical brief is based on the assumption that the client’s site is made in Wordpress.

We have therefore decided to globalize by offering you a technical brief for digital communication that will meets most of the buyer's expectations:

  • Understanding of customer needs;

  • Presentation of the human resources assigned to the service;

  • Set up and technical choices of the candidate;

  • The methodology implemented;

  • Web and computer data security;

  • The technical resources assigned to the public market project;

  • The plan for the execution of the services;

  • The CSR policy (corporate social responsibility) of the communication agency;

  • Measures anti COVID 19.

Today, we have the feedback of several buyers about the public markets contracts to which we have applied. We have gotten excellent grades on the technical part.

It is thanks to our experience and to the expertise of our team (former public procurer), that we have created our technical brief on digital communication.

The personalization of this document will allow you to respond to the technical evaluation criteria in an optimal way and to get your public procurement contracts!

What are our tips to respond to a digital communication market?

The buyer's demands can be extremely broad depending on the object of the contract. Creating a website will not require the same analytical work as a public market contract to redesign a website.

Depending on the objective of the service desired by the buyer, it is essential to adapt the content of the technical brief with, in particular:

  • A precise analysis of the information you got;

  • Professionalization of human resources (attach CV);

  • The use of a CMS adapted to the buyer's needs;

  • A precise explanation of your choices;

  • A perfectly detailed methodology allowing the public purchaser to project;

  • A precise description of the functionalities put in place on the website;

  • A detailed review of the web and IT security.

In addition, there are obviously organizational questions to ponder about: do you have the time to respond to the public market? Are the evaluation criteria adapted to your communication agency? Is the price too high?

Then, analyze the financial documents of the field or fields that interest you (BPU, QDE, DPGF etc). Are your prices consistent with the prices being asked? Do you notice any inconsistencies? If that is the case, consider asking questions! Give prices that are consistent with the needs of the client: reduce some margins, increase others!

Don't skimp on this last point, remember to answer precisely to the criteria of the public procurer. That is what you will be evaluated on.

Finally, start writing your technical brief. Take our model and personalize it according to the specifics of your communications agency and of the buyer’s evaluation criteria. They can be found in the consultation rules (RC).

Do not forget also to make sure to have an electronic signature certification in case it is requested by the public procurer (see consultation rules).