Technical brief plumbing HVAC

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At Odécia, we offer several versions of our technical briefs. Depending on the version that you select, the topics covered are more or less exhaustive.

Start by choosing the formula that suits you the best and download your technical brief for plumbing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) :

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Can you modify the information in your technical brief for plumbing HVAC?

The document has been made on Microsoft office Word (.doc). It is sent to you in this format when you download it.

Thus, you can be sure that you can modify 100% of the information in the technical brief for HVAC.

What are the differences between the essential version, the premium version and the Gold version of your technical brief for plumbing heating ventilation air conditioning?

Depending on the formula selected, the topics addressed will be more or less relevant and approached in-depth.

The degree of detail to which the topics are approached can be seen in the description of our product. For example, the Gold version will be the only one to address certain very specific subjects such as:

  • Description of your operating methods;

  • The hygiene and health measures to be respected during COVID 19;

  • The quality approach;

  • The measures to be taken to minimize your environmental impact on the site.

In addition, the Gold version offers a graphic redesign that will help you highlight your know-how!

Which public markets can you respond to with your technical brief for plumbing HVAC ?

You can respond to all public market contracts on HVAC plumbing concerning, for example, the following works (non-exhaustive list):

  • Removal, connection and distribution of water (isolation valve, filter, faucet, backflow preventer, piping, distribution to sanitary appliances, hot water tank etc)

  • Sewage, rainwater disposal (drains, piping, joints, fire damper, etc.);

  • Sanitary appliances and faucets (toilet bowl, washbasins, sinks, kitchen sink etc.);

  • Heating distribution (execution plan, heating substation, installation of heaters, floor heating, heat insulation, etc.);

  • Ventilation, air conditioning (air handling unit, air intake device of the air handling unit, stale air discharge device, supply and exhaust system, supply air diffuser, etc.

In addition to public market contracts in plumbing, this model of technical brief allows you to respond to calls for tenders concerning the maintenance in the field of plumbing HVAC. You will only have to readapt this technical brief model.

Who wrote the technical brief for plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning?

Three people were involved in the creation of our model. A former public procurer wrote the generality of the technical brief. A HVAC plumbing works manager then completed the document by inserting more technical aspects.

Finally, the document was formatted by our graphic designer.

Our daily job consists in responding to calls for tenders on behalf of companies. We have had hundreds of positive responses. These documents are the reflection of our expertise. This is why we are convinced that our technical brief for HVAC plumbing will help you win your call for tenders.

How did we create the technical brief for plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)?

Most public market contracts concerning the field of plumbing HVAC are offered by local authorities, public establishments (hospitals, schools, universities, etc.) and social organizations (HLM offices).

We have been working with a HVAC plumbing company (ABV) for several years helping them respond to its call for tenders. During this time, we have gotten several public market contracts in cities located in Ile de France (work and maintenance).

We therefore have enough experience to know precisely on which areas you will be evaluated:

  • Human and technical resources assigned to the working site;

  • Organization implemented for its execution;

  • Compliance with safety standards;

  • Tests and supervision of the work carried out;

  • Quality of supplies, selected materials;

  • Waste management policy

Today, we have the feedback of several buyers about the public market contracts to which we have applied. We have gotten excellent grades on the technical part.

It is thanks to our experience and to the expertise of our team (former public procurer, plumber) that we have created our technical brief for plumbing HVAC.

The personalization of this document will allow you to meet the technical evaluation criteria in an optimal way and to get your public market contracts!

What are our tips to respond to a HVAC plumbing public market?

The HVAC plumbing public market requires skills in several areas: plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning. Some companies do not necessarily have all of these skills.

Do not hesitate to subcontract or co-contract a third party for the tasks for which you do not want to take charge.

Furthermore, and particularly in the areas of heating or ventilation, the execution plan is very important. Do not hesitate to put emphasis on the work done by your design department and put the spotlight on the people who work there (CV).

Once this has been done, take the time to read the consultation rules: do you have time to respond to the public market? Are the evaluation criteria appropriate for your HVAC plumbing business? Are the prices too high?

Then go through the specific technical clauses (CCTP) to make sure that you will be able to carry out the work requested.

Then, analyze the financial documents for the HVAC plumbing project (BPU, QDE, DPGF ...). Are your prices consistent with the prices being asked? Do you notice any inconsistencies? If that is the case, consider asking questions! Give prices that are consistent with the needs of the client: reduce some margins, increase others!

Finally, start writing your technical brief. Take our model and personalize it according to the specifics of your business and of the client’s evaluation criteria. They can be found in the consultation rules (RC).

Do not forget also to make sure to have an electronic signature certification in case it is requested by the public procurer (see consultation rules).